BlueJade clothing is the outcome of a lifelong passion for fashion and function

Jane Yang is the founder of Bluejade a woman for whom sewing is in the family. <

"It was passed down to me from my mother. When I was about 14 I started sewing my fathers trousers and making items of clothing for the whole family and neighbourhood"

Many years later the passion to see people look and feel comfortable, elegant, professional.. In a Bluejade garment is still alive and well - even after a long carreer in the fashion industry working with some of Australias most prominant fashion houses as a paternmaker. And now with all the responibilites of running Jane still finds time to custom make clothing for people in her neighbourhood of South Brisbane.

It's this unpretentious attitude that permeates Bluejades attitude towards fashion and enables her style to trancends "labels" and "niches". Her classic range of mens business and dress shirts is sometimes casual sometimes professional or perfect for a night on the town. But always as in all her ranges the choice of materials is based on impecable quality in the case of the mens shirts this comes in the form of 100% cotton ethically sourced from around the world and at home in Austrlia. Why?

"Becuase it breathes and is perfectly suited to Australian climate summer or winter. Cotton feels great on the skin. "

With the womens ranges choice of material is equally important. Saturn and silk are often used for the same reasons as above.

Affordably priced clothing that does not scrimp on quality of material or workmanship or service

In a world of big brands foreign production lines and mass production. The small Australain fashion house Bluejade sets itself apart in many ways. Custom clothing is certainly worth mentioning here. Wether it be a custom wedding dress, mother of the bride outfit or bridesmaid