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What To Watch Out For If Wearing Nude

"Very Good Girls" New York Premiere

Quick summary: When wearing the colour nude, you have to make sure it will work with your skin colour. Otherwise it can become highly uncomplimentary to your complexion. As with any colour, picking the right one is essential to create a flattering look for yourself. See Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing a nude jumpsuit and notice the way she looks washed out and how it unflatters her skin tone. As well as this, Zoe Kazan makes the mistake of mixing two completely different and conflicting fabrics and Rachel McAdams choses the incorrect dress style to flatter her lovely figure.

 Article Extract:
 Nude is one of the trickiest shades to pull off. And this week, Maggie Gyllenhaal tripped up wearing a flesh-colored jumpsuit thus proving our point.

A basic rule: When it comes to nude, finding the right color is crucial as it can easily become unflattering and wash you out. A good tip is to always go with a nude color that is a few shades lighter or darker than your natural skin tone to ensure that you don’t look naked.

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“Kaftaneology” – The Fashion You Have to Discover in Wearing Silk Kaftans

Everything You Need to Know About Kaftans

Fashion icons around the globe continue to wear a kaftan to create a unique fashion statement. Kaftans have been around for centuries, and it was mainly used by those who live in the Middle East during its early years. Back then, only people who belong to the upper class wore Kaftans. Those who had high social significance were dressed in a kaftan, and it somehow became a symbol of their prominence in the society.

In contrary to its earlier use, kaftans are rising in popularity nowadays because of its unique and sophisticated design. Aside from being used in Middle East countries, it is also becoming more and more mainstream even in modern-day societies. For those who aren’t familiar with how a kaftan looks like, it is a long-sleeved overdress that extends up to the ankles.

The materials used to build kaftan widely varies. Since it is now a popular merchandise of fashion lovers, a wide array of fabric options are now available. The common fabrics used in the creation of this very iconic piece are cotton, silk, cashmere and wool. Your choice of fabric is highly dependent on your own preference. In addition to wearing a kaftan as is, you can also add more spice to your outfit by wearing a sash.

Since kaftans have now become a part of the fashion world, various designers now modify its design to further meet the demand of consumers, young and old. Today, kaftans are important fashion pieces of even A-list actors in Hollywood. Truly, this is proof of how kaftans are being embraced by the fashion industry throughout the globe.

If you are having problems with looking for sellers of fashionable kaftan pieces, you do not need to look any further because there are many online stores that now deliver kaftan dresses. However, take not that not all online sellers are reliable and trust-worthy. Before you click that ‘buy now’ button, it is best that you read the reviews and research on the credibility of the shop first. Anyway, it always pays off to do your research first because it is always better to be wary than be sorry later.

Kaftan as an Everyday Cloth Statement

If you are looking for a versatile piece, then buying kaftans is definitely your best option. As mentioned earlier, kaftans nowadays are designed in a way that fashion aficionados and ordinary consumers would greatly appreciate. Whether you are going to stroll in the mall or walk on parks, kaftan is absolutely your best pick.

Aside from using kaftans as a casual wear, you can also turn this piece into an office wear. Yes, there are definitely women belonging to the working class who use kaftan as a part of their daily ensemble. All you need to do is pick the best fabric and pair it with the right accessories, and voila, you’re on your way to becoming a goddess of fashion and glamour. Lastly, don’t forget the importance of picking the right pair of shoes. No matter how great your ensemble is, if your shoes are entirely out of place, you will surely be in for a fashion disaster.

In the Beach

Kaftan 2 Kaftan 4

Ask any woman, and I am sure that there is one thing that will never be left missing in their summer wardrobe, and that’s beach cover ups.Other than protecting the skin against damaging sun rays, beach cover ups are also a great way to turn that beachside into a runway. Beach kaftan dresses are a unique and ultimately stylish way to turn heads while you are having fun under the sun. This beach wear can make any woman look hot and oozing with sex appeal.

In the like manner, these sexy beach cover ups can make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. If you are not in the mood to show off your skin, wearing beach kaftan dresses is your best option. Additionally, if you have not prepared your body for a day or two at the beach, kaftan dresses will have all your need to conceal covered.

With a pair of bikinis, a kaftan dress and a pair of sunnies at hand, you can make that beach body sizzle in hotness in no time.

Do it the Celebrity Way

Pregnant or not, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce Knowles certainly look like they enjoy wearing this comfortable and elegant piece even during their red carpet moments. Other well-known celebrities who resembled goddesses when they wore their kaftan dresses are Miranda Kerr, Paris Hilton and Oprah Winfrey.

To spice up the outfit, Miranda Kerr used a pair of jeans to complement her kaftan dress. In another event, she was spotted wearing a kaftan dress that’s above the knee area. She made this dress look more awesome by choosing a flat pair of sandals that greatly matched her dress.

Kaftan dresses come in all shapes, sizes and designs, and there is no need to wonder why a lot of famous and top of the line designers create their own kaftan pieces. Whether you are attending a formal occasion or a casual one, there will always be a kaftan dress that could feed your need to be stylish and awesome.

Aside from the variation in length and style, kaftan dresses are also available in plains and prints. Most of the plain kaftan dresses are made more fabulous and sophisticated by a rich lining of embroidered stones.

Your choice of kaftan dress highly depends on the occasion. If you want to use it as an everyday dress, pair it with the right accessories, let your hair down and you’re good to go. If, on the other hand, you are reserving it for a formal occasion, choose the embroidered ones as they elicit a more formal and classy vibe.

Kaftans are definitely a must-have in every woman’s closet. No matter what the event is, your kaftan dresses will never let you down.

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Seamless Winter Jacket

Seems as though global warming is taking hold this Winter. It just doesn’t seem as cold as usual and seems a little silly to wear a bigphoto 5 (2) and heavy coat. I was rummaging through my wardrobe looking for something lighter, but no luck. So I decided to make something instead.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing this short-cut wool jacket to you. It features a round neck, no seams finish at the shoulders and easy fit for every shape. It’s cute, simple and good for every day wear.

I picked this beautiful light purple and pink patterned wool as our new designed jacket as it looks feminine and cute. Again, good quality cotton and silk was used for the jacket’s lining.

A few of our customers had complained that it was hard to find a nice jacket in the physical shop, and even if they found a good quality one, the price was around $500. Therefore I was on a mission to create a high quality jacket that was simple, classy and comfortable.

This jacket looks simple but it did take some time to create a pattern we were satisfied with. Winter not going to stay very long, but if want to get classy in a warm jacket, contact us now. We only do made to order, so simply just sent us your size or latest measurement. This short-cut jacket only costs $255 and will take 7 days to deliver to your door. 

DSC_0327 (2) DSC_0328 (2) (1)

Ten tips on how to look after your silk and visa versa


How silk looks after you

  1. Silk is natural so it’s great for your skin especially if you or a friend has allergies (or if you just want to be pampered!).
  2. Silk breathes beautifully so it stops you from getting sweaty and makes you feel great by getting the fresh air.
  3. Protects from UV rays
  4. When you feel great you look great
  5. You always look elegant when you choose silk.


How you look after your silk

  1. Cold water wash
  2. Hand wash
  3. Hang in the shade to avoid direct sun
  4. Warm ironing
  5. That’s it.   Easy isn’t it!



Note:  Many people want to wear our  silk cover ups and shirts to the beach because they are cool in the summer (also warm in the winter) but if you do then you need to be aware that the salt water  and sand which can damage your beautiful silk.

We know you want to wear silk as a cover up over your swimwear so we also have man made silk too :)


man made silk cover up for the beach

This cover-up is made from man made silk. It still breathes well and is perfect for the beach. Enjoy!

Ordering men’s business shirts online – The Experience.

So in today’s day and age ordering online is a huge market, it begun with trinkets and gadgets and slowly grew as business’s saw the power of online marketing and sales. This leads me to the topic of this post which is ordering business shirts online, not only that – customised business shirts. Only a short time ago you would have thought something as personal as custom men’s business shirts was exclusive to the physical retail store front but as proof my own business has broken that rule.

Now I saw a need and there was a leap in faith involved but it worked and it leads me to think about the other side my customers , What has changed in our world that drives people to look online for custom men’s business shirts? The obvious reasons is its easy!

But a large portion of the market would still like the personal service, so what other factors are at play here?

Could it be people don’t like to stand around waiting in a store? The drive to the store only to find they don’t have what you want and it was a waste of time, effort and fuel? And working from this thought what do online customers expect and what would they like to see or change in online men’s business shirts? Men’s ties and accessories .

What are your thoughts?


Not All Men’s Business Shirts Are Created Equal!

Blue Jade creates quality men’s dress wear, we have many years experience in made to measure tailoring. Blue Jade understands clients require high quality comfortable business shirts, not only that they require fashionable, elegant and stylish designs. We not only tailor our men’s business shirt line to meet clients expectations, we strive to exceed them.

Blue Jade uses the finest 100% cotton, our men’s shirts represent excellence and exceptional value with style and quality tailoring. Our Shirts are guaranteed to please the most discerning client.

Blue Jade has an easy to navigate online cart to which you can choose various options for the style of your men’s business shirt. We have taken out the over complicated environment of store shopping, Simply navigate through the shopping cart process choosing styles and colours.

Men need a variety of high quality business shirts at hand i.e. different collars, colours and cuff designs. Having a range of high quality business shirts for meetings, promotions, moods is essential, not only that a men’s business shirt can project authority, status, confidence and even personality. First impressions last and Blue Jade understands just that with our premium range of men’s business shirts.