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About Blue Jade

After many years in the fashion industry, Blue Jade the Seamstress knows her stuff.

She’s hemmed a ridiculous number of dresses, sewn on buttons until her fingers were numb, designed countless patterns and passed thousands of metres of fabric through her sewing machine.

During this time, she has seen fashion trends come and go. Clothing that is worn for a season, then chucked away once the fad has passed.

However, Blue Jade the Seamstress has observed that there are a handful of classics that never seem to age.

She has compiled this quintessential range and given them a few twists of her own.

Now this range is on display for the world to see.

Blue Jade the Seamstress knows customers want style, quality and comfort.

She uses only the finest quality materials – whether that be 100% cotton men’s business and dress shirts, or pure silk kaftans. Blue Jade’s pieces represent exceptional value with style and quality tailoring.

Available exclusively online at www.bluejade.com.au.

To find out more about Bluejade Seamstress

To find out more about Bluejade Seamstress check her out on social media.

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