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FAQ – The Finer Details

Why should I choose Bluejade?DPP_0063

Blue Jade has gone above and beyond to design the most magnificent of garments; sourcing the finest of silks and the softest of cotton blends to bring you the most flattering, comfortable and luxurious pieces that can easily be accessorized, dressed up or down, and ooze with timeless character.

What are the costs for shipping?

Blue Jade believes that once you’ve bought that fabulous outfit, you shouldn’t have to then turn around and pay for shipping on top of that… So consider it our treat, with all shipping of purchases over $100 on us!

For any little packages worth under $100, there will be the standard fees associated with that of Australia Post. But don’t stress, silk is fairly light!

How does sizing work at Blue Jade?

Knowing that we are not all perfect in size, here at Blue Jade, life has been made easier, with this simple chart outlining our sizing to the following measurements:

Women’s size chart

Men’s size chart

What if I want to return a purchase made at Bluejade?

Now, not that we think you will ever need to, but on the odd chance that for whatever reason you wish to return our beautiful products, please follow the below guidelines:

For anything faulty, Bluejade will firstly attempt to have the product mended, giving it the tender loving care it deserves. Then, where this is not at all possible, for whatever reason, a replacement will be sent in return for the faulty garment, with all postage covered by Bluejade, of course.

Unfortunately, we do not return for ‘change of mind’, so do ensure that you have a matching shade of lippy before you hit ‘pay’.

Where are the Bluejade designs from?

With all the beautiful garments being designed and manufactured right here in Australia; Blue Jade prides herself in her ability to source her silk from China, and has a great appreciation for its history.

It is Chinese legend which gives the title Goddess of Silk to Lady Hsi-Ling-Shis, who was said to be the wife of the Yellow Emperor whom ruled China around 300BC.

It is believed that one day the empress was sipping tea under a mulberry tree, when a cacoon fell into her cup and began to unravel. Enamoured by its shimmering threads, she discovered their source, the Bombyx Mori silkworm, home to the white mulberry, and it was not long until the cultivation of silkworms, and the invention of the reel and loom was a reality.

Thus, began the history of silk and Blue Jade’s love for the beautiful fibre.

How should I care for a silk garment?

There are two different methods for caring for silk. Obviously the more careful you are, the better condition you will preserve the silk. But we realise that between work, kiddies and beauty sleep – there often isn’t enough time in the day to be spending with your silk.

_DSC0505 (3)We have outlined two different options for simple silk care and the traditional care for the silk connoisseur.

First of all the simple method…

Simple silk washing method

Soak your silk garment in warm or cool water with a little bit washing powder. Gently hand-wash and rinse in clean water before drying your garment with a towel or just simply hanging on a clothes hanger under the shade. This will make the silk fibre stronger and easy to handle.

Simple yet effective!

Traditional silk washing method

As with all silk garments, most of the time dry-cleaning is the preferred method of cleaning…however, and I’m sure I am not alone when I say this, but I’d rather spend the twenty-odd dollars on a bottle of red!

I think it’s important to treat a hidden part of the garment first for colour fastness. Now, if colour runs, you must as well, and go get your garment down to the dry cleaners. However, if no colour transfers, then we are in the clear, there is no need to dry-clean and I suggest you run to the bottle shop before they close!

Before you get started, I can’t stress more how imperative it is that you don’t let any perfumes, cologne, or alcoholic beverages touch the silk garment during the washing process, because these liquids can disturb the dye and cause colours to bleed. And yes, I know I did just encourage you to run and grab that bottle of red, but people we can wait 10 minutes cant we?! Think of it as a well deserved treat for after ;-)

Ok, so first start off by soaking the garment in lukewarm water with a mild soap (one at a time only! Need to give these beauties the TLC they deserve). Ensure the water is not too hot or cold because this will stretch or shrink the garment. Also, a detergent that is not too abrasive is important as this will cause damage.

Gently rub any stains lightly in the soapy-water, careful not to be too aggressively as this can damage the fabric irreparably.

Rinse off with water containing ¼ of a cup of white vinegar, to remove all soap reside and help restore shine.

Follow this with a rinse of cold water alone, until all vinegar has washed away.

Rolling the garment up in a towel gently will take out any excess water, as the towel will absorb and the garment will get an effective, yet mild wringing.

Unroll towel, and leave garment to dry flat in the shade somewhat before transferring it to be draped flat on the top of a clothes rack, ensuring that all aspects of the garment are supported or your garment will stretch out of shape! (Think of a cooling rack for fresh-out-of-the-oven choc chip biscuits.)

Alternatively, if you want a more finished and pressed look. Once the garment has been given some time to dry unrolled on the towel, place the damp garment in a plastic bag and place the bag in a refrigerator for half an hour.

When time is up, remove your garment from the plastic bag and use an iron on a low heat to lightly press the fabric; as excessive heat with damage any silk garment! Make sure you have turned the garment inside-out, and only iron the inside of the material. This is because the process in which most silk garments are treated means that the inside of the garment will not usually damage under (a low) heat.

How do I trust the designs will be appropriate for corporate wear?

With countless years in the industry, Blue Jade naturally has this sort of thing licked. With our classic design lines and high quality fabrics, you will not only be dressed appropriately, but in a real show stopper ready to take on whatever challenges face you throughout your busy work day.

…did I just hear the word, promotion?


Have another question?

Send Bluejade an email, and she will get right back to you with an answer after she has finished off her seam.

Bluejade xx



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