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Princess Style A-Line Wedding Dress

Designing and creating a wedding dress is one of the most exciting jobs for a dress-maker. Even though it’s a challenging and emotional process, it forces you to be at your creative best.

In the early stages, most brides usually do some research on the internet or bridal stores to gather different ideas. We are happy to discuss any ideas with you from style to fabric, and will deliver our honest and professional opinions.

One of our happy client just had her dream wedding day, and she looked absolutely amazing in one of Bluejade’s creations. She chose a princess style A-line dress, with snow white lace on soft shell pink silk satin. The slight colour contrast created a unique look.

As with all wedding dresses, we measure your figure first, and then create your own unique pattern and sewing up a trial version of the dress using calico. This is just a beginning for the whole project. It’s not until we are both satisfied with the calico dress that we start to cut into your real fabric. After all the cutting s finished, we start to sewing the whole dress up. Our client chose quite complicated wedding dress, so we will will describe the process for you step by step..

  1. First step is to sew the bust section. We used six layers for this top. Inside, silk lining with interfacing, a strong corset with boning, a pair of good quality bra cups on top of, and then the silk satin with interfacing covered by lace.
  2. Second step is to gather the A line skirt. To do this we firstly created the two-layer tulle gathering on the lining skirt. Then we gathered the lace on silk satin skirt.
  3. Third step, sew up the lining dress and the satin lace dress seperately.
  4. Fourth step is to join up the silk organza top with button rope and peal button on the back using an invisible French seam
  5. Fifth step is to insert the organza top on the top of the dress. Most wedding dress’s lace is from the waist to shoulders which are not as hard to complete. But this one, with such a thin organza top to attach to the skirt, required patience and skills.

All the measurements must be perfect, so after two times trials, we were so excited and satisfied the outcome. The beautiful unique wedding dress completed the perfect wedding day for my client. She looked her absolute best in the gorgeous dress, and that’s what Bluejade strives to achieve every time.

If you have any enquiries or are looking for professional advice for your big day, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or call 0413 745 969.