Seamless Winter JacketBlue Jade

Seamless Winter Jacket

Seems as though global warming is taking hold this Winter. It just doesn’t seem as cold as usual and seems a little silly to wear a bigphoto 5 (2) and heavy coat. I was rummaging through my wardrobe looking for something lighter, but no luck. So I decided to make something instead.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing this short-cut wool jacket to you. It features a round neck, no seams finish at the shoulders and easy fit for every shape. It’s cute, simple and good for every day wear.

I picked this beautiful light purple and pink patterned wool as our new designed jacket as it looks feminine and cute. Again, good quality cotton and silk was used for the jacket’s lining.

A few of our customers had complained that it was hard to find a nice jacket in the physical shop, and even if they found a good quality one, the price was around $500. Therefore I was on a mission to create a high quality jacket that was simple, classy and comfortable.

This jacket looks simple but it did take some time to create a pattern we were satisfied with. Winter not going to stay very long, but if want to get classy in a warm jacket, contact us now. We only do made to order, so simply just sent us your size or latest measurement. This short-cut jacket only costs $255 and will take 7 days to deliver to your door. 

DSC_0327 (2) DSC_0328 (2) (1)

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