When Sewing Becomes Art: The Creation Process of a Tailored Silk ShirtBlue Jade

When Sewing Becomes Art – The Creation Process of a Tailored Silk Shirt

As a tailor, sewing is part of my life. But it’s one thing to simply sew, and another thing to create works of art.High quality silk top

Yesterday, I believe I did the latter with a new garment I created for a client.

The first things you need to create a piece of art are lots knowledge, skill and time! The next essentials you must have are fabric, garment style, cutting tools, and sewing tools. I guess there’s never just one way to get a great outcome. You might sew the fabric first and then think of the style. Alternatively, you might have your idea style and then search for the fabric.

In this case, the gorgeous printed silk chiffon caught our eyes, and my client liked it very much. With the piece of light purple and pink silk satin as lining, it emphasises the floral pattern. But the big question was whether the fabric would suit style that we’d chosen?

When I looked at the fabric, the floral pattern quite prominent, so we decided to keep things simple and go with the sleeveless option. I firstly tried to cut the whole bunch of flowers to fit down the front. It looked ok, but still like something you see in shops every day. We wanted something special, something unique. We tried a couple more things but it still didn’t look that good.

Finally we create a big silk butterfly, skilfully hung around the neck. This looked gorgeous, and gave us the classy look we’d been trying to capture. As an aside – when we cut off the butterfly pieces, I just wanted to use the machine quickly to sew the seams up. But unfortunately, silk chiffon and silk sadden pucker up under the sewing machine if you attempt to sew them together pucker. So I had no choice but to hand stitch all the butterfly piece together and then carefully hand stitch the butterfly on the garment.

Finally, we had created our piece of art! I am very happy with the result J

Have you got any own idea? Want to create a piece of art for you own?

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